Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Things to do this week

In my spare time this week (lol) I wish to complete the following:

- prep tomato seeds for planting (doable)
- plant mustard for mustard greens (doable)
- DIY seat covers with fasteners for the wicker chairs (def. doable and is fun fun)
- Make another kurta for bubs? ( ? do I need to buy fabric? thread)
- figure out what to pair the yellow-orange kurta with (perhaps doable. Might need to visit market)

I hope posting the TD list on the internet will make a difference and for a change I will actually finish off everything on the list.

Will post results at the end of the week.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Love & Music

The truly gifted one among us have the power to move us with their music. 
For us lesser souls though, being able to appreciate music is good enough.

Appreciation for music is not a learned behavior. It is inherent, inborn. Some unfortunates do happen to lose this ability as they grow, because of one reason or other. 
May God bless them. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The (not so) Jaunty Saunter of Monty Panther

Once upon a time there was a little baby panther named Monty. Monty was a good baby who loved to play with his father - papa panther and mother - mama panther.

One bright Sunday morning papa panther had a brilliant idea. He said, “Monty, let’s go for an adventure”. So they went to the local cafĂ© and tried to order a cappuccino. Like all adventures go, this was pretty difficult. Understandably, it is indeed difficult to hold the attention of the barista when he is shaking so hard with fear. And then, the adventure proved particularly challenging for Monty and his father because they did not know how to speak English. All they managed were a few growls, which were mistaken as a prelude to pouncing by the barista (as well as a few customers). One gentleman started making very weird noises. All this hullabaloo started making Monty very upset.

Disheartened, Monty and his father came back and had a hot chocolate at home. It was not a very jaunty day. 

And caffeine is not really recommended for kids anyway.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Not about ants

When I was young (younger??) we used to read. And by "we", i mean everybody, all the children. Even the non-studious ones had a collection of comics (case in point - my hubs. And if "T" is all grown up and is reading this blog, "beta, your father loves books. Bahut padhai karte the school mein. Aur college mein bhi. Sacchi.") My point is books were a very important part of our childhood. I wish my baby to fall in love with books too. Its a very rewarding relationship.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Have you ever observed ants ? 
They are always in hurry. Always going somewhere, carrying something too large and heavy. Scurrying along in a line, following orders, following each other. 
It is mesmerizing no doubt. But after a while my curiosity turns into some kind of pity. Although it is wonderful to see them being a part of something much much bigger than each one of them. But also seems sad to wonder that these ants spend their whole lives not enjoying the fruits of their labour. Well in a way they do, like they remain safe from predators and such. But yet, working incessantly is all they do while being safe.

Is that what we do? Does the Big one see us from above and wonder why we spend our lives working like the ants? They say life has never been easier for mankind with fewer wars, better medical science and such. But is it? 

Do ants have such thoughts too? 

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Lets make pigs fly,

yeah! I am working on the sly


Monday, May 05, 2014

Toddle tales

Time flies.

Our little baby is officially a toddler :D
Now that he has mastered the art of walking, our days are spent playing an endless game of hide and seek. Its a game neither party gets tired of. He has also discovered that he can open and close stuff. So boxes of all sizes and shapes, tubes and water bottles have become the toy of the week. His preferences keep changing. Last week was bang everything together week. The week before that was lets-hit-papa-with-this-thingie week :)

Earlier, we had thought of recording his every action, taking snaps everyday, making a note of his every new development. Well, this particular resolve of ours has somehow slipped down in the priority list. So many cameras in the house, and yet we resort to the handy camera phones. :) Just as well.