Friday, November 04, 2016


Answering to kids questions can be hard. For example, “Mumma, why is the sky blue?” is a pretty difficult question to answer. However, thanks to pollution, it is pretty easy to answer why the sky is grey. K

These days our lives are dictated by two little tyrants. Well not tyrants really, since we actually truly enjoy being dictated. If you ask me, time is passing a little too fast. Little V is already about to turn 10 months old. 
And it has already been about one whole year since I last blogged :O 

Monday, December 14, 2015

A good day

I have spent the past few months (ever since Diwali actually) hating the weather and the pollution. It has turned me a little bitter towards Gurgaon overall. But yesterday, oh yesterday the weather redeemed itself (lol).
Beautiful skies, sun, clear crisp early winter air. A perfect day for picnic. Tanmay was so happy with the “picmic”. Its really cute watching him learn to talk. He isn’t the most talkative toddler but kind of makes it up with his cuteness. Inadvertently all of us have started speaking like him.
And although my resolve to turn into some kind of cooking goddess hasn’t really materialized in the way I wanted, I have improved quite a bit. Managed to make pickles, yay !! The old me would have posted pictures but I am just too lazy to do so. So believe me when I say I did it.
I know things are about to change soon. For all of us. I cant imagine how the chemistry will be. But I pray to God that things go well.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Proud Parent Moments

Kids make us proud everyday. Everything they do is special. And its wonderful watching them grow curious and ready to explore everything (everything!!) they see.

But sometimes, some things they do or say are striking.

The other day, I had an appointment and went to my doctor, who happens to be a very amiable lady :). We generally take him along and put him in the play area while I go for the consultation. But since it was exceptionally sunny, we decided to take him along inside with us. First of all he inquired - "Hospital ? Injection?" After assuring that no injections would be administered to anyone, he calmed down and happily played in the waiting area. But the moment we went inside the consultation room, oh dear God! The moment he saw her, he just started chanting "Doctor na, doctor na..." . Poor Ksh had to take him outside lol..

I didnt really think a lot about it then. But later on I reflected that he had never seen any doctor other than his own pediatrician (a male) and the doctor in nursery rhymes (from five little monkeys). So he had never really seen a woman doctor before. He just deduced that the person sitting behind the table in a hospital has to be a doctor, regardless of the gender.

Looks like kids dont abide by gender stereotypes  :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Toddler tales

Before I had my son, i kind of used to judge people who let their kids scribble on the walls.
I feel really really sorry now.
Kids have that effect, they humble you. Tremendously.

My child does a lot of stuff I never thought would happen under my roof.
He eats only with the television on, refuses to poop without a diaper (! really !), scribbles on the walls, even throws an occasional tantrum or two. Of yes, and he also believes in is a staunch supporter of the nudist movement. Doesnt wear pants at home at all (diapers only when he wants to poop). Thank God he wears one at playschool. However, he compensates that by taking off his shirt as well as soon as he is home.
Before I had him, I had never imagined my home would look like a storehouse (child proof storehouse). It is now really spartan with the bare minimum of furniture left. The show cases which held my precious book collection and cherished knick knacks have now been boarded up (he climbs on them). The lower kitchen shelves have been evacuated and the counter rims are oiled (climbs there as well). Our bedroom has a 12 feet wide bed ! The only concerns we have anymore are safety and hygiene.

But yes, I know that one day, when the kids are all grown up, the walls will be clean, sofas wonts be spilled upon or jumped upon, our plants would survive without being routinely uprooted.

And I will miss these days.

Thursday, August 06, 2015


So my tiny little humble terrace garden is in full bloom this season. After successive unsuccessful attempts to grow lemons and oranges I gave up and went the herbs, shrubs and creepers way :).

Tomatoes were a success. And so seems the karela. I never knew before that fresh karela flowers give off a very very sweet smell. Kind of like jasmine. But only before the sun comes up.

My medically prescribed month long "bed rest" is coming to an end. This has been a blessing in disguise really. Turns out that it takes me a week to get rid of "work thoughts" from my subconscious. And really lately I have been feeling so "light". Its refreshing. I am able to think of new stuff which is awesome. And most importantly I got to spend more time with tanmay :)

Read some good books lately - A Gathering Light, Return of the Dance Master, Up and Down in the Dales and Sita. Oh yes, and a childhood favorite - The little House in the big woods. 

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


My energy levels have plummeted lately.
And I hate it. I hate to talk about it and think about it.

Maybe I should start meditation. That should help.
I have to get back in sync with myself.

Monday, April 06, 2015


A much awaited "long weekend" came and went. And it went surprisingly well. 
So here is a list of stuff taken care of during this weekend:

1. Indulging in something constructive - started a wood work project. It is going pretty well so far.
2. Clean and declutter - managed to clean unsightly grime from the corners of marble floors. What worked in the end was sheer brute force, i sanded them off with some fine sand paper :)
3. Get a pretty thing for the house - a beautiful lamp shade. Wall mounted of course, because nothing is safe within a height of 3 feet anymore.
4. Take care of greens - worked some more on our "kitchen garden" in the balcony. Proud to say that our mint and tomatoes are doing just fine thank you very much.
5. Go social - managed to meet three different sets of friends. I guess we should do this one a little more often.
6. Be happy - ohh yes. :) four whole days with T and K made me very very happy indeed.

And T loved his new "gaaadi". So did we. Touchwood.