Thursday, September 21, 2017

"Prance" almost made into the list

My favorite words of the week -

- Continuum 
- Dulcet
- Tread
- Preen

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dream Diary

Thanks to my younger one, our sleep has become less and intermittent. 
For me bad sleep brings on weird dreams. Or may be its just that I remember them more. 

Anyways, so yesterday(night?) my dream was setup in a pre-apocalypse kind of setup. The terrain was rocky and mountainous with rickety spiraling, iron stairs with broken steps. And I vaguely recall people going about their day while being scared all the time.
Anyway, so the dream somehow got me running in a building. So what did I do, I picked up a mattress(yes a full sized one) and used it as some kind of a pole (mattress ?) vault to quickly cover the distance. 

It was awesome. :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Quarter to three

Yup. Quarter to three in the afternoon - thats my most favorite time of the day. Specially on days when it has rained in the morning, but got miraculously clear afterwards.

The sun is at that perfect angle to light up the trees and leaves so that they seems greener, the sky is at its bluest, good lunch makes people happier and sleepier and a good cup of tea picks them right up.

Enough time has passed since the morning so that you can feel accomplished by all that you did that day, yet you are left with enough daylight hours to finish anything left to do.

Yes, quarter to three is the best time of the day. Today.

Monday, June 05, 2017


Despite my best efforts to stay away, last year I was finally caught up in the GOT net. So much so that I seriously cannot wait till the next season begins. It is annoying.
Now, there are a few guesses that I have, and I want to see if they come true. Not noting them down would make me forget and also, I wouldnt have the pleasure of shouting "I KNEW it" to hapless people around me.
So here are my guesses:

1. "the dragon has three heads" would refer to the Lannister trio
2. Daenerys wont get the iron throne. Not for long anyway.
3. The night king would turn out to be a Stark.
4. Bran would plant the dragonglass at fist of the fist men that Sam and Jon found and used to survive.
5. Jorah with the greyscale would be immune to white walkers/undead army.
6. Cersei would still have some wildfire left under kings landing which would be used to kill the walkers. Eventually.
7. Arya would meet Bran before they get to winterfell. If they do.
8. Euron would die this season.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eight years

It seems like we were kids just yesterday.
Yes, we were kids together.
Now we have kids together.
And yesterday seems so far away.

I know its tomorrow that matters more
So this is for many more joyful tomorrows

Monday, May 22, 2017

normal life is an oxymoron

The act of living, by its very definition, is to navigate the numerous turns and bends, take frequent snack breaks and occasional naps and to arrive at a destination which is the least important part of the journey.
The adventure being that one can never be sure that they are about to reach the destination until they do (and sometimes not even then :O)

Its the journey that matters. A journey which should not be made in a hurry at all. Why would one want to arrive before their time? 

So take time and smell the roses. Enjoy the bumps and the occasional potholes. 
Refuse to be carried by others, walk by yourself. Decide your own course, find a good partner whose company you would enjoy on this road. And above all, enjoy the journey.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On walking

The reason I don’t post much these days is that because out of my old habit of keeping a journal, I love writing about the day at the end of the day. Writing for me is a kind of reminiscing about the day. In a way, it is a form of time travel back to the day past where I cant change anything. But yes, it helps me make meaning out of the happenings. It’s like living the day again, enjoying the conversations one more time. Only this time in my head.

But now the definition of my “day” stretches itself to the end of socially acceptable waking hours and occasionally spills beyond midnight. By that time I am too exhausted/ zombified to walk to the bed, let alone turn on the laptop and write something. (yeah I don’t like writing on ipad or my phone. Both devices very easy to waste time on but very difficult to get anything productive done)

Anyways, so most of my reminiscing now happens during the “walk”. The half hour window I have been sanctioned after we are done with everybody’s dinner. K graciously stays home with the kids while I don up my walking shoes, gear up with some music and go for a stroll. That is the part of my day when it is ok for me to not be attentive about the surroundings (not many cars on road at night and the colony is pretty safe) and daydream.

So now my blogging /journaling/ walking has all merged into one. Its just not recorded anymore.